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Being a webcam model is not all glitter and glamour with a large paycheck. It involves being somewhat disciplined to get up from bed, get your makeup on and do your hair and put on a great smile and show up on webcam with a positive attitude each and every time. But we can tell you the benefits far exceed the hassles. You work and stay at home, have more time off time to spend with family and friends, and make 4-8 times your original wages and get paid every week doing it. Best of all - most of our models say "they have never had so much fun."


Is this really as simple as it sounds?

Well not entirely. We'll be honest, you will have to do more than just take your clothes off and expect clients to spend their hard earned money on you. That's because our clients are looking for not only the sexual experience of spending time with a pretty webcam model, but also the ability to talk to someone and build an online relationship with you. Our clients are looking for that girl that can make them smile, make them feel a bit better after a long hard day, or just someone they can talk to about the problems they are having in their relationship at home. That is why we can train our models and provide them with as much information as possible on how to act on cam, but that still doesnt make them successful if they don't have three important things: a happy and cheerful spirit, a professional attitude knowing that you will have to make sacrifices to retain your clients, and truly learning and knowing your clients and becoming their "online friend" or online girlfriend" and making the client feel like you really care about them.

Times When You Will Make Sacrifices

There will be times when you think you have a really good client that will spend money on you and for some odd reason this client turns on you and becomes a bit of an asshole. This is when your great customer service skills and patience come into effect. You will need to have the patience to try to work him through the problem and calm him down. If that does not work, you may have to ban him from your chat, which will certainly no longer make him your client. So you see the first solution is to work him through his problem, calm him down, and keep him as a client of yours.

Privacy Concerns

There is concern for many of our models that a friend or family member will find out your online on webcam. This can be minimized by following a few steps or guidelines.

We can provide your profile with the proper photos (face and body) and then remove the face pictures or crop them so as to minimize your exposure online, so your only showing your face in private chat. Some models are okay with showing their face in private and regular chat, since many of our sites are membership only sites and we are able to block all members using a zip code or city to prevent anybody in those areas from accessing your regular or private webcam chat.

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