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Webcam models can start right away - usually within 24 hours provided they have the standard equipment available to them like a pc or laptop with a webcam and a high speed internet connection. A digital camera comes in handy to take ID photos for age verification, and to take additional webcam model photos for the model's gallery and model profile online. So with some basic equipment that you probably already have, you too can become a well paid webcam model today!


Webcam Model Equipment

We have provided the minimum requirements for working on cam with the proper equipment below. If you don't already have a webcam, we have suggestions below that we have found to be reliable and provide a clear and viewable video chat. If you have questions about equipment or need additional feedback, please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with more answers regarding your equipment and computer.

Computer Operating System Requirements:

Microsoft Windows Computer with any of the following:

Windows 2000 ( this is an old operating system and you should upgrade to XP for best results)
Windows XP ( we suggest all webcam models be on XP or newer)
Windows Vista ( microsofts newest release and usable, but sometimes unstable with certain equipment)

Apple or Mac - Can be used with our website, but prevents you from using more than one webcam site at a time. So this may limit your earning potential.

Computer Hardware Equipment Requirements:

At Least 400mhz processor and 256mb of memory.
Hard Drive should have plenty of space - at least one Gigabyte of Space (1000 megabytes)
As a rule, you will want at least a computer that is 5 years old or newer.

Camera Equipment:

Standard Use:

A USB webcam such as a Logitech ranging from $50 - $125.

Professional Setup:

A capture card or a capture cord that can plug into your PC and have a Video Camera plugged into it. This provides the best possible picture and can provide zoom features and remote control of the video camera that a typical webcam cannot.

Things to Consider When Buying a Video Camera and Video Capture Cord Setup:

Price: The video camera will run you $250-$400 for a good video camera that has a nice zoom on it and a remote control with it.

Setup: Setup can often be difficult, as there is often software that needs to be setup so the video capture card can be recognized on your computer.

Certain Video Cameras:
Some video cameras are not meant to be used as webcams and will often go into a sleep mode or shutdown mode if the camera thinks its not being used. This often cannot be overridden in the programming of the camera, thus preventing it from being used as a webcam. Please ask us for suggestions on a video camera if your not sure what to purchase.

Of course we all know that a fast and reliable high speed internet connection s a must when using a webcam. But did you know that most cable and dsl providers are only providing most of us with a very basic "upstream" speed and a very fast "download speed". Thats because 99% of us are only downloading content from the internet, not uploading it. You will be uploading your video to the internet, so you do need an upgraded "upstream" speed, which may run about $20 extra a month. Please check your connection with your internet provider.

Suggested Upstream Speed: 512kb

Usable Upstream Speed: 300kb

Microphone Requirements:

Most of the Logitech webcams priced over $50 provide a micrphone right on the camera so you can easily talk to your webcam clients. This is ideal, as clients prefer to hear your sexy voice and ... uhh moans across their speakers on the other end. Our sites transmit both the video and the sound, and if you don't have sound on, your clients will be begging you to get it.

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