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Lighthouse Media Frequently Asked Questions
Our new models often have questions about the process of becoming a well paid online webcam model. We have provided some answers to the most common questions about webcam modeling and the process to submitting your application and getting it approved. We also have more information about webcam cameras and equipment. Please take a moment to read through our FAQ and hope you'll join us for some fun and this incredible money-making opportunity !


We only hire aspiring and motivated people to work as webcam performers at Lighthouse Media . This means that you must be charming, creative, intelligent, and ambitious.  We always seek the best webcam model performers!  Our goal is and always will be to make you more money by ensuring your attitude is good, your demeanor positive and your trained and sure of what your doing.

The best part of working with Lighthouse Media is the flexibility.  If you are just sitting around using your computer why not stay logged in so that you can pick up some extra money whenever someone happens to enter your room.  We're totally flexible and there's no set schedule you have to work. We highly suggest a minimum of 10 hours to be effective and gain our clientele's trust and their hard earned $$.
All you need is a computer that is capable of running Macromedia Flash Player and a compatible webcam, such as a Logitech Quick Cam (The most popular and dependable webcam there is).  Any basic PC purchased after the year 2002 should be fine.
The available payment methods are Epassporte.  Epassporte is a relatively new, yet convenient method of being paid.  Epassporte is a Visa Electron card that can be used to make purchases or works as an ATM card so you can withdraw your payment from any ATM Machine that accepts Visa, anywhere in the world.  The cards only take a minute to sign up for and are mailed straight to you.  We make payments directly to your Epassporte card every Friday-Saturday.  
Yes. The most important rule is that you cannot be rude to customers under any circumstances!  This is the fastest way to get suspended from working with Lighthouse Media.  You can't do anything obscene or possibly illegal, such as bestiality, display human excrement, incest (real or implied), anything to do with pedophilia or underage models (this includes role playing), or anything else.  You can't make dates off the sites or use sites to act as your own personal 'escort service'.  You can't make contact with customers off the sites or give out an email address for customers to use to contact you.  Please also respect other performers.  Do not bad mouth them or say anything disrespectful about them to customers.  Also do not bad mouth the sites to customers.  Any of these things will get you suspended.  Besides that, anything goes!
You earn between 30-50% of the amount billed to customers.  Customers will choose to enter your room based on your photos and the marketing we provide to ehnance you online profile.  You can earn money from by getting customers to tip you for your performance in our Regular Chat or getting these customers to enter the nude chat/premium chat room.  In premium chat the per minute rate is from o$2.99- $5.00 per minute for each customer that is in your room.  So if you have three people in your premium chat room youcould be making $9.00 - $15.00 per minute.  
Unlike other sites who have thousands of performers working, Lighthouse Media prefers quality to quantity.  Therefore, someone is always available to give you a lot of individual attention and assistance.  We are always available to help you increase your revenue or assist with any other issues computer related to your webcam model chat.
Payouts are done on a weekly basis.  The pay period is from Sunday to Saturday and payouts are made the next Friday for the week ending Saturday (5 days before).  Since all payments are by electronic means you get paid much faster than having to wait for a check. The pay is weekly, but there will be a holdover period for your first paycheck. (only because you have to work a week to get paid for a week ) After that you will receive a payment every week as long as you continue working and making our minimum requirement of $50.
All information you send to us is stored on a secure server offline from our network. We have spent tens of thousands of dollars to secure our models information and keep it secure. Your information will never be used for anything other than the initial setup of your accounts accounts, and we ensure every one of those sites has a strict policy regarding confidential information and that those policies are stringently adhered to.
Absolutely not. All models are anonymous. We also suggest you do not give out any personal information whatsoever. Your information remains confidential and private. It is against our policy for any model to give out any personal information whatsover. Doing so could get your account suspended immediately. We have these type of policies in place for your protection.
You can signup using our Signup Form and once you submit your information you will be redirected to a page where you will have the opportunity to upload the require two pictures. Upon receipt of both the application and the required two photos, we will review your webcam model application. We can have an answer back to you regarding approval (preliminary approval of your model application only) in as little as an hour, but no longer than 12 hours.


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