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Easy Start to Making Money Webcam Modeling
So how do i get started? Well we have setup a quick tutorial in order to show you just how easy it is to get setup and working, often the same day as you applied using our webcam model application. We can approve you application almost immediately, and as long as we receive your ID photos and webcam model photos for your profile and gallery, we often are able to setup a model to work the same day she applied. Please be aware that we must comply with the law and need clear and readable ID photos from you, so don't be discouraged if your ID photos are not accepted the first time you send them to us.


Getting Started on Webcam is Very Easy

Once you register using our model application form, you will receive an approval email directing you to login with the model name and password you provided on the signup form.

1. You will need to upload your Photo ID ( either picture of the ID or a Scan of ID
2. You will also need to upload a digital picture of you Holding this Same ID (face clear and ID visible)
3. Upload some sexy photos of yourself for your webcam model profile and gallery.
4. Print the Model Release form and fill it out and sign it.
Then Upload the Webcam Model Release Form to the same place you uploaded your Photos.

**Don’t worry, nothing is exposed to the public until its approved, so your personal information will never go inside your webcam model profile, its taken out and placed in a safe location**

Please Be Aware that a scanner is the best option to provide us with a copy of your Photo ID. Also, a digital camera is the best way to provide us a photo of you Holding Your Photo ID. Web cameras rarely provide enough light or a enough resolution to clearly see you and your ID.  This will prevent us from getting you started working, and we will have to request that you retake additional photos.

Once your Photo ID’s have been approved, you will be ready to login to your webcam model account and begin working. The pay period for your first webcam site will run from 12:01 Midnight Eastern time Saturday night to 11:59 PM Eastern Time Saturday night.  You are then typically paid the following Friday on Epassporte if you have signed up for Epassporte, otherwise you will be sent a check. Remember, each week requires a minimum of earning $100, or you will have to have combined weeks that equal $100 to be paid the minimum amount.


Ready to Get Started Today? Signup Using Our Model Application Form.

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