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Additional Webcam Model FAQ's
We realize this all new to many of you considering a position as a webcam model performer. We understand that you may have lots of questions and concerns and so we have provided and additional frequently asked questions page so you can continue a search for answers to those important questions. We can tell you one thing, we can honestly say if your looking for extra money, wanting to get paid each and every week, and tired of commuting back and forth for just over minimum wage - then try your skills at becoming a webcam model - you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


Additional FAQs

What are the Legalities to Working Cam Online?

There is currently no state that can prosecute you for showing up online and providing webcam model chat services. So this is the safest adult business to be in. The reason is that California is the only state that allows production and filming of adult material for distribution.  Many producers, photographers or videographers may tell you different, but there are not exceptions to this rule, if your wanting to truly get into the adult industry or porn industry, you will need to be living in the state of California or you will have to be at least be visiting California when you shoot such content.  If you advertise on any job boards for adult acts or suggested acts, and you identify yourself from a specific state other than California, you may be prosecuted for solicitation.  This is why webcam modeling is so popular, you can provide these services online without the fear of being prosecuted.

Is There Really Money in This Business and what does it Take to Earn It?

Well you need to treat the act of getting online and performing like a real job. This isn’t a hobby, its not a chance to get online and upload some photos and logoff like myspace. It does require showing up and putting the time in and that time needs to be consistent. You will need to be happy, outgoing, and fun, and you will need to show the customer a “good time” , without giving him any idea how rotten your day went ( if that was the case). You need to put your best face forward and really go have fun. If your having fun, the client is having fun, and you will earn an excellent income.

How Often Should I Work and Can I do this Part-Time?

Well you can do this work part-time, but remember the key to earning good money as webcam model performer is to keep your clients coming back. Your regulars are going to be your “bread and butter” persay, and for them to come back and again and again – well your going to need to be online when they show up.  We highly suggest 10 hours per week or more. If you want to earn $1000 or more per week, then you must put in a minimum of 25 hours per week.

How Should I Act in My Room and is there Anything that Could get My Account Suspended?

Always follow the “golden rule”, don’t be rude to customers.  Realize that some things are illegal and can get you immediately suspended from working. Those are things like incest (real or implied) bestiality, anything you do that is portrayed as pedophilia or portraying yourself as underage (this includes child role playing) or having anyone appear on cam with you that is not part of your account or that we do not have the proper ID’s filed with the webcam site.  Your not allowed to use the site as an escort site or for setting up dates off the site or off the internet.

Do I Have to be a Webcam Model from the United States?

No, you can work from the United Kingdom and most of Europe. You can also work from Canada, New Zealand, Africa, South America and many other countries. You may want to check with your specific jurisdiction to ensure your acting legally by appearing nude on webcam from your particular country.

I Am Not Experienced at This – Can You Help Me?

We prefer our models are trained to appear on webcam on our sites. We have an exciting new program where we can have one of our experienced models help you out and watch your perform and provide you with insight and feedback if she feels there is any need for improvement. After all, your performance and success is our success!

What is the Pay Like?

Our site is one of the only sites that offer tips in the regular or free chat. We don’t call it free chat, as that is what other sites have since you’re not able to earn anything within that chat. But with many of our sites, you can earn Tips in Regular Chat as much as $1-$25 from each client.  This can add up to a lot of money very quickly. In the private chat our models earn from $0.90 - $1.50 per minute. This equates to $60-$100 an hour!

How Will I Be Paid?

You will be paid weekly by the site. Some of our sites are bi-weekly payments, but our most popular website, and our busiest will payout once per week. The minimum payout is $100 and can be directly sent to you electronically using Epassporte, which we will get you signed up for right away once you become a webcam model performer.

How Much Monthly and Yearly Income Can I Make?

The webcam model industry is an excellent way to make a substantial income working from home on “your own time”. We have one of the highest pay structure and bonus structures in the industry. We have created this bonus structure for our loyal and hard working models to further compensate them for their hard work.  Our payout is 30% of all earned revenue which equates to about $35 per hour for models that are only in private chat for 30 minutes of every hour.  As you can see, the more your in private chat, the closer your earnings will be $70 or more per hour. Now remember, this is only with one client. When multiple clients are in your private chat, your 2.99 per minute can go to $5.99 or even $9.99 per minute. Many of our models earn over $150 an hour with multiple clients in their private chat.  Our dedicated and consistent models are making $1000 per week average after the first four weeks they are on our webcam site.

Do I Need to Provide My ID’s for This Webcam Model Position?

Yes, you will need to provide your Photo ID in two photos or one photo and one scanned photo as follows:

  1. A Picture (or Scan) of a Photo ID (with birthdate) by itself with a clear and readable text in the picture.
  2. A Picture of your Holding The Same Photo ID this time including your face. We must be able to identify the ID as the same one in Picture #1.
  3. Your Social Security Number for U.S. work eligibility for U.S. Citizens.
  4. You will be uploading these photos to our website or directly to your webcam model account upon request from us by email or on the website.

**Please be sure all your ID Photos are uploaded properly and are clear and readable. There will be no exceptions to providing your ID information. We follow ALL 2257 laws as required.**

If I Have Additional Questions who can I talk to?

You may contact us if you have any additional questions using our contact information on our contact page.

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