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Webcam Models Wanted - Lighthouse Media Tutorial
Not only do we provide one on one training and a whole array of support options for our webcam models but we offer many webcam model tutorials for the benefit of our models in providing critical information for their success. We also provide constant updates to related news and pertinent information that keeps our models up to date and always informed of changes we make on our webcam sites. We are always looking for the best and the brightest talent to succeed in making their financial dreams come true with us!



Webcam Model Tutorial

We have developed certain knowledge over the years working with our models that have allowed us to be develop a tutorial that can truly make your experience as a webcam model on our sites a pleasant and lucrative opportunity by following some suggestions and some tips and tricks in order to make more money in adult private chat.

There are thousands of webcam models out there, but a small percentage make the "big bucks' that can truly help them prosper and become career online webcam models making over $100,000 per year working from home. What sets these models apart is not only their paycheck, but their motivation to succeed in this business and their ability to self motivate themselves to put their makeup on, do their hair and get in front of the camera each day for 4-6 hours at a time with a smiling face and a good disposition. This sets these models apart and makes them "top performers" above and beyond the other models.

Of course we can also rate a top performer by the size of his/her paycheck. The top performers usually make between $1000-$2000 per week and rarely drop their weekly income below $1000 per week. Again, self-discipline, motivation, and a good personality is what usually puts these models into the "top earning" category. The work week usually runs around 30 hours per week to attain the proper regular clients and new clients to earn such an income, but we have seen top webcam models work as little as 20 hours per week and earn $1000. The schedules are flexible and the sites we have our models work on generate as much as $100,000 per day in privates and tips for all models. So you can imagine the webcam traffic that is available to our models.

The sites are global, so a model can work anytime during a 24 hour period. She will experience clientele all over the world in many different time zones. That makes things more interesting when your not just catering to U.S. clients, as our models get a real perspective about webcam clients all over the world. You can simply look at the different time zones and have a very good idea of where your webcam clients are coming from.

Not only do we provide you with a model and tutorial for working on webcam, but we higly suggest all our webcam models take some time to actually experience what it is like to be the client watching a webcam model and how she performs. Of course your going to want to watch a top model live, and we can certainly provide you with a name of one of our top models on our webcam site so you can login and witness a highly successful webcam models at work. This is only one of the types of interactive training that we can provide at LHM and one of the keys to our success is to have many of our new models watch some of our more professional and experienced models at work. Of course speaking English can truly make a difference in revenue, since a huge majority of models from Europe do not speak English. This makes it very difficult for an English Speaking client to direct the webcam model in his private show. But this is also and advantage to English speaking models who can take clients away from models that dont understand what a client is asking.

Having a good microphone and an easily understandable accent are key to earning more money on webcam. Of course a sexy or sultry voice doesnt hurt either. The key to making a new client feel at home in your chat is it call him by name, first by his screenname, secondly learning his real name by asking him. Once you have his real name, then you want to use that real name whenever you see his screenname again in your chat. This starts a relationship with the client and makes him feel that he is "special" since he feels you took the time to learn his real name. Once you start talking sexy to one of your clients and calling him by name while doing so, he probably won't be able to resist you and want to take you to a private chat right away.

Since your the center of attention, whats secondary in the room is how you have your room setup. Bright colors accent the room but at the same time you don't want those colors to overwhelm your viewers. You want good lighting, especially since webcams truly like bright lighting and they really absorb the lighting. Its much easier to have your room too dark than to wash out the room with too much light. You want the light behind your screen and facing you - your face must be visible as well as your outfit and of course essential body parts. Never rely on daylight from outside a window, the lighting is never consistent and always changing.

Wearing sexy and bright lingerie is your key to success. We usually suggest not wearing lingerie that is black, white or similar in color to your skin tone. The webcam will really pickup on the lighting and bright colors such as red, green, blue, yellow and orange or variation of those colors. Wear lingerie, but not too much of it, as you will find it will be much too tiring to get in and out of lingerie several times during your work hours. So keep it simple like bra and panties or bra panties and a lingerie blouse over your arms.

The key to bringing in new clients and keeping them there is to make sure they feel at home and they know your having fun. Nobody is going to want to come see you if you have a sullen or sad look on your face or your not smiling. Remember, most of your clients will probably have a girlfriend or wife at home, and a lousy boss at work, so they are trying to get away from those problems or grouchy people in their lives and be around somebody that is having fun and wanting to have fun with them.

Unlike most webcam sites, nudity is allowed on our primary website while your in the free chat. This is because the site is "member only" site and all members have been age verified and have a credit card on file with the site. This means you can receive tips from $1-$25 from the client and you can show "nudity" in the free chat. Of course you want to use discretion while doing so since other members will essentially be getting a free flash or show. So typically this technique of showing nudity in free chat is done relatively quickly or with more of a "tease" in mind. This also gets several other members in the chat "hot" and may get you a private right away from somebody other than the member who tipped you for the nudity.



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