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Were dedicated and motivated to provide all of our webcam models with the best opportunity and information possible to assist them in making excellent weekly wages. In doing so, we can provide assistance in picture selection, suggestions for lighting and webcams, and providing computer support for both their streaming sound and video. Did you know that you can protect your computer for free from viruses, spam emails and adware and malware? Well you can, and we can help you install this free software to protect your pc so you have more time to get on cam, and spend less time fighting with your PC.


Online Adult Webcam Info for Models

Lighthouse Media is the leading online webcam model agency on the internet. Not only do we provide high paying positions for our models on the leading cam sites, but we also provide valuable information to experienced and novice webcam models providing training, insight, better technique and equipment ideas that can enhance your career as a webcam model. Our business is to make you successful at your business - webcam modeling and live adult video chat. You may already be an experienced model and simply looking for a better opportunity, or you may be a completely new to this business and just tired of the same old day to day commute and being told what to do at the office. Either way, we feel we can provide you with a very good idea of what it will be like on cam and if this business is really for you.

If you have a computer, a webcam, a microphone, a high-speed internet connection and a bit of a wild streak and don't mind being nude on cam, then you're ready to embark on this exciting new opportunity. Think of it as your own business. After all, you have to show up, and you will get out of it exactly what you put into it.

With the opportunity to set your own hours and schedule comes the responsibility and commitment to show up for work each day/night. You can work as much as you want or as little as you want, but you will definitely need to commit at least 10 hours per week on cam if your interested in being successful and earning a good income. Remember, this is an exciting opportunity to build a business from home that you can control your own income and work hours, so you still need to make a commitment to yourself and the webcam site in terms of hours that you will be working as a webcam model.

We have spend countless hours gathering data and information from all our working models to better provide you with the tips and tricks for acheiving more income, better tips, reliable webcam sites, and reliable and frequent payments, as well as any bonuses that are possible to the most dedicated webcam models.

You will have your webcam model admin panel in which you can see your per minute stats and earnings as well as know who your most loyal clients are.

You will have countless opportunities to earn cash bonuses including visa gift cards for top webcam model performances.

Not only can you earn big money from private chats, but we have one of the only sites available in which you can show nudity in the regular chat and earn tips up to $25 a tip. This allows our models to show something in order to get their clients to private per minute chat, unlike most sites where the model can only flirt or talk the client into going to private per minute chat.

Of course there is no cost or out of pocket investment on your part other than some relatively inexpensive equipment like a computer and webcam and a high speed connection to the internet. The earnings typically far exceed what you could earn in your current job or career. Many models earn over $100,000 in their first year on cam.

Obviously your considering getting into webcam modeling online or you wouldn't be reading the information we have provided. For many potential webcam models the real question is how much money can i make at this? When it comes to online work, with little or no experience, webcam models online earn more than any other profession on the internet. Thats because they can potentially work part-time earning $0.80 to $1.25 a minute which equates to making over $1000 a week and only working 20 hours. This doesn't always happen right away, after all, the webcam models biggest asset is his/her returning clients - the bread and butter of his/her income. Clients that come back to see a webcam model each and every day she is online typically spend much more money in private video chat than the new clients that she will see each day. Thats because they have no experienced her style and know what to expect, and feel more comfortable with her in directing the private online webcam chat.


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